Mrs Enginerd STEM SWE 2017

STEM Topics: Imposter Syndrome

At the SWE 2017 conference, the phrase imposter syndrome was everywhere! Of the seven talks I attended, all of them mentioned this idea of women thinking they do not belong in STEM or are frauds. It struck me because I have never felt like I didn’t cut it or had what it took to be an engineer but I had felt the aura that others wanted me to fail and exclaim: I knew a woman wasn’t good enough for this role!

Frustrating as it is to admit it, there are still managers and technical leaders that support this theory that men are better at 3D spatial tasks, computer coding and innovation. The stereotype that a woman should step back from their careers and work less to be there for their husbands and/or families reigns supreme. Many people wonder why women don’t ask to work less hours or demand less complex and time consuming projects so they can spend more time at home. 😤😠

When I set out on ny journey to become an engineer, I did it for myself, to build a better world for the current and future generations living and occupying this ecosystem. I didn’t do it to impress anyone but myself or prove that females are just as capable as our counterparts. I always knew we were just as good. No need to masquerade on my part to blend in or succeed. However, that is the crux of the imposter syndrome discussion, we don’t need to feel like frauds to experience its side effects.

Have you ever felt like an imposter? Check out this TED talk for more info on the subject and strategies to combat it. We have worked hard to get to where we are in STEM, regardless of gender, and it is up to us to stop this madness.

You can do it!

For more info check out this foundr article.

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