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Organizing Your Home 101: The Modern Household Chore List

As a homeowner and functioning adult, there are many unanswered questions in life, but when to cull, update, clean or organize items shouldn’t be an unknown. There’s enough historical data and studies that show the perfect time to tackle items in your chore list. 🤯 We’ve put together this guide for your convenience. Set reminders […]

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Trees!! We got trees!

After months of planning, saving and finagling, Nursery Trees LLC broke ground and installed a row of excelsa cedar specimens in front of our side fence. The property originally had 25 trees, of which only one was left standing. I’m not sure why the county didn’t ask for more to be preserved or installed as […]

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Updated Château Enginerd To Do List

Got the door painted, and managed to get two more items off the list!! via Make It So! The Never Ending (Builder’s) To Do List

Château Enginerd Mrs Enginerd

Make It So! The Never Ending (Builder’s) To Do List

A few months ago we decided to cut our loses and finish the closing inspection pick ups for the new house ourselves. We are still holding hope that the hydroseed installation will happen after we pay to level the yard (another contention point). Hopefully my builder will do his part to avoid litigation. Winning the […]