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Make It So! The Never Ending (Builder’s) To Do List

A few months ago we decided to cut our loses and finish the closing inspection pick ups for the new house ourselves. We are still holding hope that the hydroseed installation will happen after we pay to level the yard (another contention point). Hopefully my builder will do his part to avoid litigation. Winning the court battle is almost a certainty but we rather not use this avenue unless it is completely necessary. Luckily, there are very few unresolved items because the house is holding up and performing beyond expectations. Other than the front door not being painted, for which at least they left us the paint, the last tweaks are minor and within our budget. Completing the list would be easier if we knew the colors of the exterior pain scheme, but not even the builder knows which ones were used. *facepalm*

Behold! The new post-builder, post move, list:

  1. Paint front door.4/2018
  2. Connect fan light in master bathroom.
  3. Close out door permit by requesting last inspection. 4/2018
  4. Paint foundation venting air grills.
  5. Store extra door in attic. (Left over door from construction.)
  6. Install air conditioning wall cover for exposed tubing.
  7. Secure garage utility sink tubing.
  8. Change door knobs that were installed incorrectly.
  9. Fix fireplace mantle caulking.
  10. Build remaining window screen.
  11. Caulk upstairs arch window in bonus nook.
  12. Repaint window trim knicks.
  13. Heater tune up.
  14. Add handles to attic and crawl space trap doors.
  15. Wire the Ring Doorbell to the house power.
  16. Fix short (less than 6 ft) fence panels.

Let’s see how long it takes us to get this done! 🛠📝🏡⏳

Stay tuned…

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