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Overcooked (Switch)

I got introduced to this game during my sister’s five day stint at a local hospital. She had asked my husband to get her a Switch during the Black Friday sales as a gift to herself for successfully Adulting as a TSA agent. Little did she know that it would help distract her in between nurse visits and doctor check ups, or that it would entertain my husband during our brief visit with her on day 3 of her ordeal.

Overcooked is a 1 to 4 player cooperative game that turns you into a short order cook inside a busy restaurant’s kitchen. As you learn to master each level and its recipes, the difficulty and complexity of the tasks progress to the point you may not want to aspire to this lifestyle. 🤣 From cutting veggies to cleaning plates, this game makes you feel the urgency of managing all the cooking and plating tasks while the clock winds down mercilessly and obstacles are thrown in your path! The entropy level is high with this game but with hilarious results. 🍔🍜🍛🍝🎉

On the top left corner of the screen orders materialize at a pace not suitable for those who dislike working under pressure. The more cooks you have in the kitchen the more orders and tasks you will have to divide and conquer to beat the machine.


Overall, my family enjoyed playing the game and was up to the challenge of working together to get plates into customer’s tables. This part is not featured in the game but you do see patrons sitting inside the restaurant eating the prepared meals.

What entertained me the most was watching other people play as we took turns to share the lone JoyCon (splits into two smaller controllers) we brought to the ER. Setting it up on a table and playing from a distance was a lot easier than handling the screen and controls as a unit. The easy grab/chop and drop function/two button play complimented well the joystick moves but at the cost of precision. You have to be pixel perfect to drop, chop and grab plates and ingredients onto the surfaces and designates stations or the avatar will not place the items exactly where they should go for handling and/or delivery.

Be warned, this game is not like Cooking Mama, which has replicable, methodical recipes you must put together in a timed manner or any other type of food chopping game. Cooperative modes works best than single player scenarios; be patient and coordinate ahead of each round to delegate tasks and be successful as a team. For the $39.99 USD price tag, it pays for itself. The replay value is high, if you don’t get tired of playing the same levels over and over again, and are not prone to “flying off the handle”. If you get irritated easily stay away from this title.

Enjoy! 🕹🎮

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