Château Enginerd Mrs Enginerd

Happy First Birthday Château Enginerd!

Could you believe it has already been a year since we moved to the custom home delay prone project from hell? The yard is still not done, with pending landscaping due to fair weather. The builder pretty much ghosted after the holidays so we are on our own. W is still distraught about the front door not being painted Beacon Blue, which bothers me more than anyone imagines cause it gives an unfinished look to the property. Between the looky loos assuming the property is still for sale and the inhospitable appearance of the front yard, I am starting to panic. The amount of money required to finish this project still eludes me.

This house is very much our first born. The 10 month wait from offer acceptance to occupancy is as close as I will get to experiencing maternity. It was a hard and strenuous labor but we had a beautiful strong baby house that with much needed TLC and DIYs would grow up to be a smart autonomous home. It wasn’t easy, and with a few open items on the To Do list, we are almost 90% done! For more info, check out the hyperlinks above and below.

Welcome to Château Enginerd:



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Joyeux Anniversaire!

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