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Organizing Your Home 101: The Modern Household Chore List

As a homeowner and functioning adult, there are many unanswered questions in life, but when to cull, update, clean or organize items shouldn’t be an unknown. There’s enough historical data and studies that show the perfect time to tackle items in your chore list. 🤯 We’ve put together this guide for your convenience. Set reminders and calendar events to start simplifying your life today. Do The Home Edit and Marie Kondo proud!


  • Manage leftovers (should be thrown out after three days).
  • Update grocery list.
  • Pack lunchboxes.
  • Clean kitchen counters (preferably after each use).
  • Charge electronics (cellphones, batteries), wearables (Smart Watches), and/or electric vehicles.
  • Order/schedule food delivery.
  • Delete unsolicited emails, unsubscribe and sort important correspondence.
  • Check calendar for next day. Set alarms or postpone events as required.
  • Feed pets, give medication and/or treats.


  • Laundry (separate by colors; darks, lights and whites)
  • Take out trash and compost.
  • Sort recycling (Keep in mind your area might have biweekly pick up schedules.)
  • Sort remaining mail/email.
  • Sort/put away important papers.
  • Water indoor plants.
  • Clean microwave.
  • Fill your vehicle’s gas tanks.
  • Pay bills.
  • Buy/order groceries (if not needed sooner).
  • Meal prep.
  • Clean or sanitize electronics (if not sooner).
  • Select meal kits for delivery (Home Chef, Blue Apron…)


  • Wash brassieres and Jeans.
  • Change Bedsheets.
  • Mow the lawn (most areas).
  • Buy pet food and treats.
  • Save home surveillance videos, back up pictures and data, and delete files/pictures no longer needed on phones/computers.


  • Clean reusable air filters.
  • Clean/organize dog beds, toys or areas (if not earlier).
  • Clean or sanitize hampers.
  • Inventory pantry items.
  • Purge expired items from pantry before restocking.
  • Shred documents/take personal identifiable information to be destroyed.
  • Clear shower and sink drains.
  • Clean food disposal.
  • Clean the inside of the fridge and freezer, especially the drawers and door storage.
  • Refill prescriptions.


  • Replace disposable air filters. (Subscribe to Second Nature to receive custom filters at home.)
  • Purge closets, garage, storage units and containers for unused clothes/items.
  • Send items in for dry cleaning (especially if holidays or weddings are coming up).
  • Clean showerheads with vinegar or unclogging detergents.
  • Run self cleaning option on frequent use appliances (oven, washer, dishwasher, etc.).
  • Order printer cartridges and depleted office supplies, if required.
  • Make donations to local charities. (Goodwill, Salvation Army, online/check/cash donations…)

Twice a year:

  • Shampoo or dry clean carpets.
  • Clean screens and outdoor windows.
  • Throw away/donate shoes.
  • Cancel unused or underutilized subscriptions.
  • Cull recipe books and magazines.
  • Organize the garage (sort through backstock or stored items).
  • Change vehicle’s oil/filter.
  • Clean dryer venting tube.


  • Purge/cull/organize family photo albums and pictures (digital or prints).
  • Decide which artwork or wall decor to move around, change or donate.
  • Decide which furniture needs repairs, replacement or can be donated.
  • Purge broken items that haven’t been fixed, clothes that need mending, and damaged goods.
  • Update your will.
  • Schedule a tune up for fireplace, furnace or A/C.
  • Renegotiate cable/cellphone/internet bills.

Every Five Years:

  • Refinance mortgages.
  • Inspect home foundation and roof.
  • Renegotiate home/car insurance premiums.

If you have additional suggestions or thoughts, use the comment section below to join in on the conversation.

Much success!

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