Château Enginerd Project Zach

Trees!! We got trees!

After months of planning, saving and finagling, Nursery Trees LLC broke ground and installed a row of excelsa cedar specimens in front of our side fence. The property originally had 25 trees, of which only one was left standing. I’m not sure why the county didn’t ask for more to be preserved or installed as part of the development plans, seemed like a wasted opportunity to me.

My hope and intent is that these ten new trees offset some of the ecological impact of tearing up the lot. At the very least they have proven to reduce noise, block the fumes of heavy traffic and, eventually, will improve shading. While they settle, the 7 ft fluff balls get watered twice a week – through the included with the installation service irrigation system – when the sunshine holds, and daily as it naturally rains and sprinkles in the Pacific Northwest.

Around the same time next year, the reinforcement/balance stakes will come out and the youngsters will be able to stand on their own and continue to grow to their mature height of 15 ft. Yay!

In the meantime, Zach enjoys looking at the tops, has stopped chasing people and dogs on the other side (cause the trees block them) and hasn’t lost his mind wondering what they are because he can smell them. I can’t wait to shock them full of holiday spirit. Hehe. I can’t wait to shock them full of holiday spirit. Hehe. Now all we have left is to level and grass the yard to be done with the landscaping nightmare we inherited when our builder went under.

Stay tuned for more updates on Zach’s Field of Dreams:

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