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True Crime Garage (Podcast)

Power tools, air conditioning, and podcasts; these are a few of my tech age favorite things. Before the iPod craze, I would rely on the radio and whatever came up to pass the time as I did jobs around the house. Buying and downloading music was a hassle but it was the only way to ensure the playlists had what I wanted to hear. Today, I can stream TV shows, music and podcasts straight from my phone while I DIY. The variety is not only impressive but enables me to learn as a I go, without being tied to a particular room or media set up.

Enter True Crime Garage, a show made by two beer loving guys living in Ohio who get together to drink and know things about actual missing person’s cases. They start the show by thanking those who donated to make their beer fund and show possible after quickly introducing the donated libations, and their overall rating. So far I have listened to over 50 of their episodes and I am yet to be disappointed or turned off by their humor, quick wit, discussion points and off the wall theories. The guys manage to be respectful and entertaining which is hard to do in this genre without comin across as a “douche canoe”. Many times I have sat down with a beer or two, in between staining and cutting trim, to take in the depth of their analysis and severity of the crimes presented. I can’t imagine what they and the families must go through as the information, evidence, suspects and crimes are revisited with the hope a new clue or tip from the public will finally solve the crime once and for all.

With 253 episodes logged in as of Nov 4th 2018, and three seasons in the books, this 2015 born show has solidified their popularity and value with its listeners because it is not only genuine but engaging. Episodes can range from a few minutes to a few hours, with some cases spanning a few episodes. They even covered the Molly Tibbets case real time which was not only impressive but gut wrenching to hear. They have become staples of the true crime real to the point that Nic and The Captain, the hosts and masterminds behind the content, have been able to expand their audio built empire to include an online store full of products with their best catch phrases, and a Stitcher Premium offering called Off The Record in which they discuss subjects not covered by the original podcasts. It is True Crime gold. Still skeptical? Click on the link to go straight to their homepage and take a look for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Enjoy online via Stitcher, their home page, or any of these apps:

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