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How to Successfully Understand and Love a Nerd

Nerds are introspective creatures that are very passionate about their hobbies and their families. They throw themselves into everything they do and they go above and beyond the call of duty to protect those they love which may include the occasional collectible or fan memorabilia. It is not easy to break into their inner circle, […]

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Etiquette Rules Challenge: Kindness is Sexy

Back in 2014, my friends were all into completing 30 and 90 day challenges on facebook. Some of these challenges were about being happy or grateful and in rare instances about fitness and health diets. Because none of these challenges appealed to me I set out to create my own which I called: 100 days […]

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The Heroines of 21st Century Gaming: My Favorite Leading Ladies

One of the most ironic twists in video game history is that games with strong female characters are almost always marketed to male gamers, ages 18 to 40. The original Lara Croft is a prime example of what was required of a heroine to head a franchise: big breasts, tiny waist and very revealing clothing. […]

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The Best Layoff Advice I Never Got

It has been six months and a couple of days since I was officially laid off. (Time flies!) During that time I managed to complete over 52 DIY projects, 24 blog articles and 4 trips. Even though I have yet to hear from a few positions, I’m holding up nicely. I thought I’d be going […]

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Understanding the Introverts in Your Family

Growing up in a household of introverts I was blessed to have the support I needed to develop my soft and hard skills. Granted, as the most extroverted of the introverts the road ahead was going to be easy for me and inside my family circle, I became the nerd whisperer. For those of you […]

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$5 DIY Halloween Wreath

As I revisited the cork wreath, inspiration stuck again. Halloween is around the corner and it presented an opportunity to create something for my front door that was both original and economic. Walking through my local Dollar Tree store, I saw a few materials and decided to give it a try! What you’ll need: 1. […]


Cork Wreath DIY

During the layoff’s early months, I went searching for simple DIY projects that married my meed to upcycle our 10 year collection of special occasion corks on a dollar store budget. After strolling through Pinterest and Etsy, I decided to create my own wreath design because 40% of my stash came from champagne bottles which […]

Women Who Kick Ass In Gaming And Beyond

What Video Games Taught Me (and My Family)

A lot of parents these days blame video games for all the violence and bullying that occurs in schools. The media tries to play the “GTA” angle on every school shooting or hate crime that kids and adolescents commit, blaming their lack of respect for life and their inability to differentiate between real life and […]

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Travel Destinations to Delight Your Inner Nerd

I know a lot of people will wonder why I didn’t add New York, Los Angeles, The Shire (New Zealand), Orlando or London to the list, but these cities by themselves already have a lot of advertising and proven reputations as popular tourist destinations. These are my favorite spots and are not meant to be […]

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Limbo (The Video Game)

As fall approaches and the Halloween decorations start popping up, the scare factor becomes an effective marketing ploy to attract crowds to the gore and suspense of mystery and horror games. Classics like Silent Hill and the Resident Evil franchises get revisited and sometimes new titles are released during this season to capitalize on America’s […]