Broforce (PS4)

The Broforce is the most awesome side scrolling, action hero homage I have ever seen and played in my life! From the names, changed to avoid paying licenses, to the trophies everything in this game reeks of nostalgia. Spanning many decades of action heroes, the game includes 8 bit sprites of mainstream characters in all... Continue Reading →

Until Dawn (The Video Game)

Until Dawn is one of those pleasant surprises you get when you aren't expecting anything good to happen and Sony is already touting that it will be a sleeper hit for the PS4. Yes, the graphics are a bit off since the motion caption and game cynematics where supposed to be for the PS3 but... Continue Reading →

Transistor: Red’s Big Sword

When I started playing Transistor, I was blown away by the music, the game dynamics and the story line. The beautifully designed futuristic strategy game has everything you'd like in an adventure: artful graphics, fluent moves when attacking and a complex yet understandable set of combos and moves to fit your individual style. The game... Continue Reading →

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