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Harley Quinn Said What? – Batman Arkham Knight DLC

This DLC was a gift for those with GameStop pre-orders. The goal of the mission is to rescue Poison Ivy from Blüdhaven so the Scarecrow can use her as bait to lure Batman into a trap. During the operation, the Penguin communicates with Harley to guide her through the mapped area.

With her thick New Yorker accent and her malevolent laughter, Harley beats down every thug in her path in total recklessness and with wild abandon. Her derisive comments and internal mental conversations with Harleen are not only creepy but brilliantly funny. Even The Penguin can’t help but be amazed at her ruthlessness and loyalty – after all she will take orders from no one because well, she is already taken! 😉

The player employs the same menus and commands as with Batman in the Arkham Knight gameplay. Like the Caped Crusader, Harley must use the environment to her advantage to execute surprise attacks (snares) and maneuvers for which she enlists the help of her Mayhem Vision. Her special attacks are very awesome; she swings her bat to her heart’s content bashing heads and cracking skulls. A cameo appearance by one of Batman’s minions late in the game play results in some hillarious banter and whoop ass.

Experienced players may take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete the DLC. (Mr Enginerd managed to do it all in less than 20 mins without getting killed in Normal Difficulty.) If you ever get the chance to play or purchase the contents you will not be disappointed. Her viciousness and unique character will make it worth your while. If not, the trophy will have to do.


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