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Stuck Five Hours at JFK’s Terminal 4, B Gates?

Flying back home from my latest adventure (my best friend’s wedding), I got stuck at JFK for five hours! Usually my connections last less than two which gives one barely enough time to eat and take care of business before boarding. This opportunity was a first for me and I decided to make the best of it. Here are a few suggestions to try out at Terminal 4:

1. Shake Shack
The concourse is full of opportunities to try the all natural burgers, hotdogs and shakes this food chain offers. Their juices and shakes are divine and all orders can be placed to go. Some offer sitting areas where you can relax for a while. Since the order is made upon placement expect to wait at least 10 minutes. They have vegetarian options.

2. XpresSpa
Sore muscles after the flight? Need a quick retouch to your manicure or pedicure? Want to try a relaxing facial? XpresSpa has it all! Complimentary use of their massage loungers is available while you wait. It is an excellent alternative to sitting at the gate waiting for the boarding time. (Prices for the massage depend on duration you select. Expect to spend up from $25.) They also sell neck pillows and blankets (2x$25), lotions and other flight comforts.

3. Hudson
I like browsing the book and magazine selection at Hudson prior to boarding because they have many options to choose from and carry best sellers in almost every subject. They also carry local souvenirs and treats you can easily take with you. Usually there’s more than one at the Terminal which gives you more options to peruse at your leisure.

4. Delta Sky Club
One day passes are available at the front desk which give you access to showers, sleeping quarters, a full bar with food and bathrooms. The lounge area overlooks the runways giving you a nice view of the aircraft taking off and landing. If you are flying internationally in First or Business Class the lounge is complimentary even if you are not a member.

5. Cake Tin
Cupcakes and sweets adorn the displays at the Cake Tin which conveniently serves LavAzza coffee. There is a treat for everyone. Take your time and enjoy going through the selection. You will forget you are at an airport.

6. Take a quick tour of the city
If you are adventurous and have light carry-ons you can leave the airport and take a quick tour of the city. Just make sure you account for traffic to make it back through security in time to board.


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