Adulting Etiquette Love and Marriage Mrs Enginerd

The Subtle Power of Influence

We all have influence. Every interaction, every piece of advice we deal, shapes others in ways that forever change the course of history. From a polite greeting to a bad deed, our choices impact others, transforming life for better or worse. It is in these unforseen moments of kindness and cruelty that we touch and […]

Adulting Love and Marriage Mrs Enginerd

Being Stood Up

I was the product of an affair, of a relationship that no one ever thought would last long. For as long as I can remember, people would tell me how I should have never been born a contradiction that always amazed me since most of my family is Roman Catholic. In school, I would overhear […]

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My Fondest Childhood Memory, You

The day we met the sun shone brightly, The swingset chains hot the touch. Yet you ventured to push the pigtailed girl until her spirit took flight, Turning her into your biggest ally. I fell hard for your beautiful disarming smile, One I’d see you flash many times hence throughout all your academic and athletic […]