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Transistor: Red’s Big Sword

When I started playing Transistor, I was blown away by the music, the game dynamics and the story line. The beautifully designed futuristic strategy game has everything you’d like in an adventure: artful graphics, fluent moves when attacking and a complex yet understandable set of combos and moves to fit your individual style. The game […]

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Pulling All The Stops

My friends became concerned as month four of the layoff train arrived at the station. When the journey started I had a lot of fuel and a couple of cars with very few baggage. At each destination, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and San Juan, I delivered most of the emotional baggage I was carrying but […]

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My Adventures As A First Time Matron of Honor: The Wedding Toast

I am not an emotional person. Not in public. Not unless the circumstances demanded that I show something other than a cool and calm demeanor. Acting comes naturally to me, so do poetry and oratorical improvisation. Give me a podium and I can argue or discuss just about anything. There is no subject that I […]

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Stuck Five Hours at JFK’s Terminal 4, B Gates?

Flying back home from my latest adventure (my best friend’s wedding), I got stuck at JFK for five hours! Usually my connections last less than two which gives one barely enough time to eat and take care of business before boarding. This opportunity was a first for me and I decided to make the best […]

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Harley Quinn Said What? – Batman Arkham Knight DLC

This DLC was a gift for those with GameStop pre-orders. The goal of the mission is to rescue Poison Ivy from Blüdhaven so the Scarecrow can use her as bait to lure Batman into a trap. During the operation, the Penguin communicates with Harley to guide her through the mapped area. With her thick New […]

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Best Video Games For Girls, A Look Beyond The Girly Games To Give The Girl In Your Life A Better Gaming Experience

This article is meant to address the age 18 and under category of female gamers. Women gamers are sometimes called girl gamers but the term can be considered condescending when describing adult female gamers. Women account for 48% percent of the gaming community which implies that at some point these women were girls who were […]

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Remodeling Tips for Your Bathroom (For Under $100!)

In my quest for ideas to execute during my layoff, I came across a few posts on how to remodel bathrooms for less than a certain amount of money. Pinterest posts and ads from major home repair and supply stores focused on updating bathrooms that were in working order and could be redone with a […]

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Math, Geometry and #LoveWins

Books tend to find me… I was at the airport waiting for my flight to San Francisco (June 2015) when a Hudson Booksellers caught my attention. They had a buy two get the third book free sale but because of the short flight ahead, my interest was on acquiring just one book. A quick read. […]

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Harry Potter and Lai 

Originally posted on KaleidoscopeLai:
Most people have a different view of nerdy and geeky, I like to think of myself as someone that can be both but at the same time be “cool”. Today I have spent my day reliving my childhood by watching most of the Harry Potter movies. This part of my childhood…

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Tips For Choosing A Smartphone

Originally posted on Network Nerds:
With so many available options, choosing the right smartphone can be a confusing task. There are so many factors to take into consideration before selecting a phone that will suit your individual needs, and things will often get crazy, especially if you don’t have your mind set on a particular…