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Aluminum Can Projects Under $5

One of the perks of being unemployed is that I get to eat at home. To my delight, this meant that I would end up with empty cans and glass containers on a weekly basis! Because I like to recycle and reuse, I quickly set to figure out what kinds of crafts we could generate using materials I had readily found in my garage and office. After a 15 minute search I was able to gather a couple of spray paint cans, glue, ribbons and spare wood pieces. If you don’t have these readily available a run to your local dollar store or bargain bin at Michael’s can yield similar results for under $5.

These were my favorite projects because they were easy to manufacture and readily usable:

1.Pen and Pencil Holder

This one is really to make. I painted the can using masking tape to separate the colors and covered the limits with ribbon.  On a later iteration of this project I used metallic acrylic paint on the can and I wrapped twine around the center for a two tone look.

2. Planter

I had an indoor plant that needed a home. That same week my husband finished the big tin of salted nuts he had purchased at Costco. A couple of spray paint coats later, I had an elegant and inexpensive solution to my problem.

3. High End Office Supply Holder Knock Off



This idea came to me via a friend that was remodeling her office and needed something to tie her look together. A couple of soup cans, twine and a piece of wood put together with high end glue solved that problem in less than 15 minutes. I spray painted the project once it was completed and let it dry. It shipped out of state and it didn’t crack or come apart!

One thing I learned the hard way was that not all projects look like a million bucks when they are in front of you, but their original counterparts don’t look that glamorous either in the store racks. The inherent value is in the savings, and on the fun time you will spend with your family coming up with possible ideas for your materials.

Share your ideas below!

For more ideas you can take a look at my Pinterest page, user name MrsEnginerd.

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