The Problem Of Being a Writer

Good stories find me. Scratch that, extraordinary people cross my path every day. The hard part is concealing identities to protect their privacy, especially of those so close to me that they shape my destiny. Whatever they do or say affects my life in irreparable ways; it is a shame that sharing my story is... Continue Reading →

She Changed Comics (Image)

Finally! A book about women who challenged and impacted the comic book industry. Featuring the likes of Gail Simone, Jill Thompson and Aline Komisnky, it is full of contemporary references that will resonate with comic book enthusiasts. Is it perfect? Close to it. Is it missing people? Even the editors say it probably does. Will... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

It has been a few weeks since 2017 started and I have a bit of a writer's block. Yes, I have read a lot of books, articles and had a few lessons learned but nothing worth writing home about or as captivating as the story of the first few months with Zach or the new... Continue Reading →

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