Adulting Layoff Mrs Enginerd

Ghosts of Engineering Lives Past

As of 3/24/2023, I’m back with my former employer. Although my job in tech was fun, the timing was right to shake things up a bit. Big Tech was going full corporate and I wasn’t liking it.

Not going to lie, writing the resignation letter was a very emotional and cathartic experience. This was the first time in my career that switching companies was timed. Meticulously planned for all the right reasons. No layoff. No Pivot Plan. No Corrective Action Memorandum. No “Do Not Rehire” designation. A true win-win.

My departing team was aware that my family needed additional support through meaningful life changes. The work statement kept piling up as I made the personal business a priority; I wasn’t about to overstay my welcome. Not being an engineer haunted me too, and I couldn’t shake off the notion that I needed to return. I missed the people, the union protections, and the workstatement. All the sign in bonus and higher base pay had achieved was giving me the ammo to fix past promotions and compensation injustices – the money itself didn’t make my quality of life any better.

Moral of the story: A career is a total waste of time and energy if you don’t have a tribe.


If there’s no one else who benefits nor enjoys your success, where you really successful? The perks and perceived power of a higher station won’t make you soup when you are sick, or tuck you in at night with a bear hug and a smile. As I walk the halls of my old coal/salt mines I realize how important it is to build strong and healthy connections with those who surround me. A great leader finds a way to leave everyone better off than when they found them. I hope that all that goodwill continues to be reciprocated – that I am able to improve the conditions as help my future teammates build something better for all the stakeholders involved in our products and services.

Dealing with Data Centers didn’t feel as right as working with air and space craft…

Perhaps it is a privilege to be able to quit while I’m ahead…to be able to return to a place that I never wanted to leave but had to. I encourage anyone willing to listen to not take the blessings for granted. There’s no fate but what we make, and I definitely don’t want to repeat the mistakes of those who came before me; of carrying the burdens of multiple regrets. Plan that trip. Save to stay at home with your dog. Go back to school. Do what’s best for you and your clan.

The right solutions for your current predicaments are out there!

P.S. Part of the reason for returning to my previous bosses was that my time in tech moved the needle upwards in terms of compensation. Although I was making 2x my engineering salary, I was going to lose the sign in benefits which ultimately reduced my base pay substantially. The stock award wasn’t performing well enough to justify working long hours for less rewards. My previous employer matched my base pay (after some negotiations) and brought me back with full seniority at a higher performance level. The paid education benefits alone will make up for the money “left on the table” and so will the work-life harmony. As you age, you want more freedom and autonomy so get those Benjamins early in your career, invest, and retire early. Don’t waste time working for others or paying for houses and cars you truly don’t need. Be frugal and wise with how you spend your hard earned cash. You are the asset, act accordingly.

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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