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Work. Eat. Sleep. 🔄: The Quarantine Blues

137 days…197280 minutes of isolated, unadulterated, soul crushing routine. The cacophony of alarm clocks being snoozed during the week replaced by the welcomed silence of weekend mornings. Zach, our lab/AmStaff mix parades up and down the fence line, admonishing those who dared to go outside for a walk with or without masks. Airplanes fly overhead, reminding us that there’s more to it than this provincial life. Can’t wait to freely move about the cabin!

One day ends, another one begins!

Full blown quarantine blues are in effect for our state and region, barely at a Phase 2 due to the rise in cases after the 4th of July weekend and subsequent protests. Cloaked in privilege, we sit and wait the pandemic out. By chance, we don’t have kids to homeschool or aging parents or neighbors to shop for or keep safe, so we linger in limbo, wondering how to best reach out to our friends and loved ones. Gatherings of more than 5 people are prohibited, squashing any plans to throw BBQs or meet up with our peeps to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and the sun coming out. Being alone doesn’t equate to feeling lonely, and a Zoom or WhatsApp session scratches any itch the ever extroverted W has. At least our local watering hole remains open and delivers!

PNW ingenuity, FTW!

Online ordering for delivery or pick up has become the norm, with the occasional sit down opportunity at a restaurant that may or may not have good service. Leaving our domicile is a crapshoot! People aren’t following social distancing rules, employing masks in ways that render them useless. The Black Lives Matter debate rages on, and Breonna Taylor still has no justice. Defunding the police 🚔 is being debated as part of political campaigns, as well as #MeToo, Russian interference with government, and incumbent flaws. Mail in ballots are gaining momentum but the President, fear mongering, would rather ask Congress to delay the election than optimize it. Apparently, now the GOP believes the COVID-19 hoax is real after all!

The death of Senator Herman Cain (Rep.) has added fuel to the fire. Little by little, anti-maskers are proven wrong. In a way, it feels like we are taking crazy pills 💊. Life will never return to normal, not it should, and as citizens the onus falls on us to determine what is best for society over the financial consequences. Capitalism without caring and kindness is nothing more than greed and manipulation. Consumers need to vote with their money as well, letting those industries who exploit the common good for their benefit die a silent and painful death.

Alexander Hamilton

Our employer extended the work from home orders until the government issues Phase 3 guidelines that allow congregations of more than 50 people in a space. It’s looking like we will be stuck inside the Château Enginerd until October, if not sooner. As July 2020 comes to a close, we dream of better days and a trip to the vineyards to celebrate our 12th anniversary, 🍾🥂. If all goes well, and we remain safe, this will be the beginning of many masked adventures. We remain vigilant, cautious and hopeful that this too shall pass, as Tropical Storm Isaac wreaks havoc in Puerto Rico; a herald of the hurricane season up ahead.

May the odds be ever in our favor…

Translation: What if you resistence to racial equality was just your inferiority complex acting up?

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