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In the Search of Karma Points

During the last month my family has donated, gifted, sold or tossed items that no longer brought us joy, as Marie Kondo would say, in the hopes that they’d become purposeful again. The poor things had been idle for so long, relegated to the deepest and darkest storage corners that they must have felt neglected. Many laid ignored, in plain sight, as fancier or more modern (a.k.a. grown up) knick knacks replaced them. Some came with us after my mom’s funeral and weighed down our state of mind because we didn’t value them as much as she did but they were still useful.

Now I know how Beast’s servants felt as they accumulated dust and rust, waiting for a person that would make them useful again.

No room in the house was safe from this cleanse. The Lightening! We’ve managed to consolidate appliances in the kitchen by opting to purchase multifunction ones, clearing out lots of valuable counter and cabinet space. Clunky 10 year old artifacts were upgraded to lighter more compact versions. Whatever hadn’t been touched in months or years was sent on its merry way. It was a hard task, especially since my husband couldn’t let go of most of it because of the perceived sunk costs associated with the original purchase. “I paid for it. It’s mine.” To which I replied, “But, do you need it? It will be better off in a new loving home anyway“.

Letting go was hard but it had a unique side effect: Earning good karma points.

Our “junk” became a conduit for goodwill. Before accepting offers I read people’s stories to determine where the items would bring greater benefit. This is a very complex exercise for an introvert who, after all the interviews, would still drop off the items on her front porch to avoid talking to the buyers. 🤭🤓☺️The Treat-a-Dog bed Zach didn’t like went to a Meriadoc, a six year lab mix (similar in size and weight to Z) who needed a comfy memory foam bed after his recently osteosarcoma tumor operation. Our original master bedroom Ikea furniture set sold to a college student who was furnishing her apartment. The left over concrete pavers taken by a guy who was building his own patio. Over 10 items were sold to other humans who were grateful we had taken such good care of their newly prized possessions.

Lots of love went out to the world and a lotta love was received in turn. I just hope that it is enough to shift our current state of grief into something more manageable and inspiring. Nothing we do will bring back my mother, whose death made me realize I needed to get the house in order to redefine my sense of home, of belonging. My aching vagrant heart needs a warm and zen place to settle down. I hope all these great new beginnings turn into awesome life experiences that make it all seem worthwhile.

Spread the joy! ♻️❤

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Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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