Mrs Enginerd Project Zach


Woop woop! Can you believe it? In less than a few months I have made over 670 friends on IG. 😱 This is an amazing feat for this very shy, bossy and introverted INTJ. Thank y’all for your support, love and attention. Dealing with my grandma’s brain cancer diagnosis, care and departure was ruff on all of us, especially my adoptive mom. She is grateful for the sentiments and condolences shared by our beautiful dog lover community, and adorabull pets!

What makes this milestone special to our family is that despite my fears and phobias, which make it impossible to enjoy the outdoors as normal pets do, my pawrents have been able to share my extremely unique perspective and challenges without putting any of us in harm’s way. The displays of affection and creativity mom sees through y’alls posts help her establish connections in the community and explore ideas to make my home environment fun.  The Field of Dreams is coming along and hopefully it is finished this spring. Mom doesn’t feel alone in this journey with a fearful and reactive dog anymore because of you. 💪👏💞

As we keep sharing pictures and posts spreading joy and goodwill, we encourage you to join us and learn about the many tools Instagram provides for sharing pictures and stories. Please share our posts, re-post with credits via the Reposta app, and visit our Facebook page. We will return the favor, keeping tabs on products, recommendations, campaigns and pittie breed awareness initiatives. It is time to end breed specific legislation (BSL) and discrimination. Sharing and advocating shows y’all care!

To all the introverts out there, thanks for following my adventures from the comforts of your own couch. To the extroverts and entrepreneurs, keep hustling. To all the pets out there, adventure awaits! Your beautiful Tongue out Tuesdays and Throw Back Thursdays make the social media experience worthwhile. Let’s continue to keep Insta beautiful.

Love always,


#adoptdontshop #endBSL

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