Layoff Mrs Enginerd

Happy Third Anniversaire MrsEnginerd!

This labor of love started as a coping mechanism during The Layoff. The year 2015 was ripe with possibilities. My severance package allowed for a much deserved sabbatical after 10 uninterrupted years of service as a design engineer. In theory, this experience as an engineer would open any door I chose to unlock but I played the loyalty card and went back to the same company that had dismissed me for the sole reason of getting even. An MBA and a few business trips later, the gambit didn’t quite pay off as expected but my ability to communicate via the blog and work through the pitfalls and wins of this endeavor have reenergized my life in ways I never expected.




Not bad for a little blog!

As an introvert, having 91 WordPress followers is akin to being a rockstar. The initial unwavering support of the reader base drove me to further branch out into Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The ability to share news, updates, reviews and general knowledge real time and at the push of the button has turned me into a veritable source of content. Writing about subjects that affected us directly as homeowners like “Insurance Companies that Cover Bully Breeds” and the many reviews engaged a broader audience thanks to the SEO capacity of the WordPress Premium Platform.


Once I got comfortable with the idea of sharing, the focus shifted a bit to feature Zach’s journey. With the new domain online, it was easier to think of this effort as a branding positioning exercise. This required branching out into Instagram to add more video and photo edited content to the page. Using the benefits of Facebook ads and campaigns, we were able to grow the @MrsEnginerd and @ZachtheIntrovertedDog profiles up to 80+ Insta follows and 30+ for Zach’s account, which has only been live a little over a month! He has gotten offers to model and decent hits on his gofundme account:

There’s still a long way to go to get our goals checked off the list. I can’t believe how fast time passes us by. W and I are halfway through the MBA and as of August 8th our marriage will be a decade old. Our son or daughter would have been 8 as of March 22nd. I’d have almost 14 years of uninterrupted service under my belt. However, we wouldn’t have had Zach, nor the new house, not met the wonderful people who help us through the Layoff and subsequent life events. Heck, my sister would have been in a totally different place too, which would have been a loss since we love were she is now more than any other happy ending. (Poolside in her backyard in sunny Tampa, FL with three doggos and the coolest white dude from Missouri.😎😋)

This journey has been a blessing in disguise. As Insta reawakened my long-lost passion of photography and video, it also becomes an opportunity to use my mad marketing skills. I stopped developing these hobbies and strengths a while ago because of my shy/introverted nature and my fear of success. As I grow so do my blessings and spirit. Sometimes you need to feel like you lost it all to become renewed, more centered and decluttered.  The arrow must be thrust back before it is released forward, with more momentum and force than in its intertial state. Fortune favors the bold. 🤓🖖 Who says you can’t have it all?

Thanks for your continued encouragement and support!!

Stay tuned…

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