Countdown to 10! Love and Marriage Mrs Enginerd

My Husband, W

Photo credit to Camille Fontz y su Fotografía, Camille Fontz y su Fotografía, the #1 Destination Wedding Photographer in Puerto Rico. (We were her first wedding! 😎)

As we start the Countdown to 10, as in 10th Anniversary, I realized that I could still keep my partner’s anonymity by using a code name or letter whenever referring to him in this blog. My friends L, E and a few others already agreed to let me use designators but, the trick is, my husband’s nickname is actually W. People following my shenanigans are already familiar with his peculiar way of problem solving and behavior, which does surprise some since he is the most extroverted engineer they will ever meet. Hands down an anomaly, and a left-handed one to boot! I’m grateful he chose to move with me to the PNW to find our good fortunes as aerospace engineers. Even through the loss of the possibility of becoming parents, he has chosen to stay by my side and adopt a dog, Zach, who is all over my Instagram feed!

We are very similar in upbringing and culture which is why it has been a breeze integrating into each other’s lives the past 17 years. The unique world view we share has allowed us to travel for business and pleasure to all the major destinations our childhood dreams pinned on the ever changing country maps. Between Nintendo and PlayStation, Intel processors and technological advances, we found a common ground to resolve battles and keep the peace, especially when Google can resolve any dispute by providing the answers or validating who was closer to the truth. My calling to become a “things that go fast” engineer led me to him, who had pursued the same Mechanical Engineering major to literally reach for the stars and go to Mars and beyond.

The length of our relationship which amounts to half of our lives already, implies that almost all of his adulting decisions, and most of his adventures, have defined the way I address life. Dealing with his constant state of high energy and entropy have taught me the value of patience, understanding and no judgement. As an extrovert, his mannerisms and charisma drive me up a wall because everything is grand and exaggerated; the good, the bad and the ugly. A drama queen of the Millennial snowflake generation, he was always ahead of the curve when it came to gender role reversals, fashion and common sense. To this day he is the one that keeps track of beauty salon appointments, massages and anything that can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on his white caucasian european lineage skin. At almost 6 ft tall he gets confused by a “gringo”, until he opens his loud mouth and replies in Spanglish. My hero! 😍❤💪

If you ask him being married to a hardcore engineer and DIYer has been an uphill battle. I keep trying to make his life easier, worry free and better, without realizing he doesn’t want me to play hero ball; all he wants is that I pass him an assist rebound. He starts his mornings off wallowing in the misery of having to go to work and the painful agony of being “past his prime” with a full set of gray hairs he attributes to my attitude. In short, he is always dying in some way, shape or form, until the experts in his life prove he isn’t. (His dad is a doctor, his sister a lawyer, and her mom the rock of his family so between those three, he gets a lot of good advice to get off the proverbial ledge.) As he quotes: “Imagine how hard it must be to be forever attached to an “insufferable know it” and do it all.” 😅😁 The wife that plays video games, reads comic books, and knows exactly where everything that he own is in the house. Every guy’s perfect gal.

I’ll do my best to post or tweet W moments on my feed. I promise you they are worth the read. His reactions have made him legendary in my newsfeed. Disclaimer, we can both be harsh, mean and/or sarcastic so keep in mind we are not your typical lovey dovey couple. When the going got tough, we got going. Check out the blog entries under Love and Marriage, or even Wrestling Infertility and you will get an idea why we are still together after all the storms and earthquakes.


By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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