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The Princess Diarist (Book Review)

Carrie Fisher penned this memoir/excerpt of her diary during the filming of Star Wars to make sure fans understood a very important part of her life: her affair with a very married Harrison Ford back in 1976. To ensure that the tale didn’t fall flat, she added pages of the actual scribbles which end up giving a very deep and incredibly insightful look into Princess Leia’s mind during her London days.

After the affair is discussed, Carrie opens up about spending the rest of her life as the iconic interstellar nerd crush. As much as she is Leia and Leia is her, there are many moments when she feels like she can’t live up to the image. Still, she trucks on, making fans happy and ensuring her legacy lives on as Disney takes over her beloved franchise. As she becomes comfortable with her recount, mentioning Billie and Gary a few times, she introduces the reader to the behind the scenes musings of her later years; the star that won our hearts with her witty banter and no nonsense attitude. It is messy, a bit all over the place, but conpletely charming. You will feel like she is talking straight at you, a true testament of how much her fans will miss her.

Take your time with this one. It takes a while to fully get into the groove. However, I think it is worth it. Treat it as a friend spilling their guts out to you for better effect. Wine may be in order.

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