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Four Goodreads To Ring in the New Year

Need something to read during your Christmas to New Year’s winter break? These four reads are good all year round and have a little bit for everyone*:

Blink, Malcolm Gladwell

What would you do if you knew your first impressions and judgements are almost always right? Would you be able to trust your instincts or sixth sense? Malcolm Gladwell writes a powerful story to convince you about the hidden power of your brain’s quick decision making processes using examples to prove that, in many cases, your first guess or biased impression is always right! Granted he is more concerned about how we operate as analytical beings and not on mere opinions but the data behind his conclusions are sound. It is for this reason that any book by this author becomes not only quotable but relevant in these modern times. Excellen read for business and technical majors.

Love Warrior, Glennon Doyle Melton

Glennon, of fame, does a marvelous job at recounting her life and journey as a Warrior, especially through her separation, which eventually became a divorce shortly before launching the memoir. It is a gem full of insight, love, growth and self discovery. If you need some guidance to get on your own path to self awareness, take a gander at what the author has to say, especially to her children. Excellent piece on the human condition and how we all need to shed our costumes and masks to fulfill our true destiny.

As You Wish, Cary Elwes

Excellent recount of the behind the scenes magical moments the cast and crew experienced while filming The Princess Bride on location in England. Cary delivers a very eloquent and emotional take on how the team bonded during the production of the film, and how they were able to meet and exceed William Goldman’s expectations. They cried, faced adversity and experienced professional growth together in ways that fans of this cult classic can understand. It was a labor of love, a must read journey into the vision of Rob Reiner and the people behind this sci-fi rom com for the ages. Follow up by watching the movie for greater effect.

The Chemist, Stephenie Meyer

Written as an homage to Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross, with a bit of James Bond flair, Stephenie Meyer created the character of Dr Juliana Fortis to be a badass cross between all three. She is not only a molecular biologist, but Dr Fortis is also one of the world’s best interrogators. Having worked for “The Department”, she is forced to run for her life as the government tries to silence her, covering up her involvement with a biological weapon attack that was stopped but threatens the reputation of all of those involved including a potential vice-presidential candidate. While on the lam she meets up with a set of twins, one of which is a CIA operative caught up in the same web of lies and deceit! By the end of the book the mix of romance, suspense and thrilling actions sequences and plot twists will have kept you entertained for hours. Great read for those in need of a female action star.

*If none of these pique your interest check out the Book Review section of the blog.

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