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Gotta Catch Em All!

Pokémon Go hasn’t had a great start service wise but it has been good enough that it has created a firestorm. Everyone I know if either enjoying or hating the game, and some have quickly changed their minds about how it is a waste of time because of all the good that has come from it. People walking around with their phones looking for Pokémon have been finding strays, animals in distress and even dead bodies! It has turned life into the ultimate reality show.

I have to admit I love the idea of using my free time to walk or drive around chasing these creatures. It is a very well designed scavenger hunt that has helped boom small business foot traffic. You can’t go to far without seeing signs attracting the Pokémon Go crowd. Apparently we are all welcomed! Gasp! It goes to show how quickly the mentality can be changed from doom and gloom to fun and games. Literally. The sad part is many are foregoing common sense to catch them all and are trespassing onto private property and walking into oncoming traffic. We need to be a bit smarter about how we approach the hunt because we are starting to give nerds and geeks a bad reputation.

Geeks everywhere. 

At the time of this post I have caught 41 and seen 44 Pokémon. My eggs have hatched a few good characters, like Poliwag, and I have logged over 15 km. I have yet to purchase coins although I am seriously considering it to get anothe incubator. They get you with the microtransactions if you are not paying attention. My strategy is to continue to visit PokéStops to get freebies and to walk around those areas I am alreadt visiting to find the characters I am looking for. A few mass events are popping up which is to be expected in the land of Nintendo of America.  Check local event listings for details as they may have a few that are also user coordinated. Lots of people out there trying to catch them.

My husband sent me a link to help me with my endeavor. He refuses to play and I can respect why. There are so many games out there that we never have enough time to play them. At least this one has me leaving home and walking! For ideas on how to train and win Gym battles, check the link provided here.

I heard through the grapevine that the next generation of Pokémon will be unveiled in December. I guess that is a good bet because by then we will all be on break again,  especially the kiddos. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out. Hopefully we will still be playing by then even in the cold weather. Pokémon Go workout anyone?  🙂

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