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Foster Fail Fail!

Read that title again. There are two fails. Yes. Two. In rescue, foster parents that end up adopting the animal they are taking care of are considered a foster failure or foster fail. When we opened our home and hearts to Zach on December 2015 our plan was to become a part of this awesome community of failures. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be and we are on our way to becoming a foster success story. (Check out Project Zach for the full story.) Leave it to the Enginerds to not be able to succeed at failure. Ironic, isn’t it. The one time we actively wanted to become failures or fail at something it didn’t work out. Who knew?

Zach is staying with us until he can be placed with his person, someone that can accept him for who he is, new and old limitations alike, and lives in an calm and safe environment. The suburban city life is not for Zach. He needs a huge yard, no walks, gentle visits to the vet (or a vet that comes to him), and a lot of time alone with his owner/owners. Kids over 17 might be okay as long as they are responsible rule followers. Everytime we leave him alone for 7 to 10 hrs (on two very rare occasions it has been 10) we find him shaking by the back door. I think he fears we won’t be coming back again. 😦 The best I have seen him after a long wait is 6 hrs and at evening/night times. He loves the quiet, the twilight and the cool breeze. Does way better outside of the house than trapped inside with us all day. Zach is so happy out there in the yard, it melts your heart. All smiles. *Sighs*

After his last (and only) vet visit with us three weeks ago he has started to feel much better. He has already torn up two Kong medium sized fetch balls and has mastered his goal keeping skills! I think he is ready to join Team USA in Rio. Our bond with him grows and is strengthened even though we have to prepare for his departure. There is a huge patch in our hearts and souls that was filled with Zach’s love, loyalty and even anxiety. He helped us better understand the trials and tribulations of parenting or care giving for those sensitive to these things. The lessons of having a pseudo nonverbal child, which he kind of is to us, better prepares us for that moment we have kids or adopt some. Zach made us want to love again, and to try to make our original dreams still come true. As much as I am over having kids at the moment, this experience fills me with great hope and expectations of the future. If I ever have kids it will be because of Z.

For those of you following his story, be aware that his Rescue Pup team is working day and night to find him a home. If you have any leads in the Seattle/WA area, let them know at They are currently accepting donations for other fosters and rescues that have had vet bills and boarding tabs. Anything you can do to contribute or share the word will be greatly appreciated. I hope and work every day to make sure Zach has a happy ending. Pray, light a candle or talk to your god or universe so that we may be successful. World, we want a win for Zach. Lets make it happen!

Paws and fingers crossed! Zach sends his love!


By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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