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Death of Thrones

George R. R. Martin promised the readers that by the end of the books you would be in the middle of a war torn decimated land full of tombstones. It comes as no surprise that as season six winds down, the kill-o-meter is going haywire. Early on I realized that falling in love with a character and story line was pointless because it would most likely go up in a ball of fire and ice. Even Drogon is not safe, and I really really love that majestic creature.

This may be the reason why I am not enjoying Season 6, and am seriously considering skipping Season 7 altogether. The suspense and drama are beautifully written and executed but the screenplay is not evoking any emotions from the depths of my soul. Maybe the amount of death, violence and destruction finally desensitized me to a degree where nothing they can do will shock me. It’s good sci-fi/fantasy but it is breaking off from a stall and going into a deep dive that is not satisfying nor engaging. I miss the days where the weddings weren’t named after colors and when all the dire wolves were alive and well.

The dire wolf arc is one of the angles I haven’t been able to decipher. What purpose do they serve? Why are they relevant? Ghost is my front runner for making it to the end but it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t make it past the next episode. Ramsey dying would be gloriously ironic at the hands of this ferocious creature, followed by a swift swing of Jon’s and Sansa’s blades. If not, the dog lover and villain extraordinaire should die at the hands of his estranged wife in a way that would rape and shatter his soul.

Those grieving Hodor and the slew of dead bodies on the Westeros lands need to start to grow a thick skin. From where we are going now there will be no safe return. Yara/Yasha and her ships, Theon and his beef with his uncle, Sam Tarley and the Maesters and the remaining Lanisters in King’s Landing have their cloth cut out for them. If Highgarden doesn’t rebel soon to save its queen, I don’t know how Margeary and Sir Loras will make it outside the Red Keep alive. My last hope resides in Meereen where Rhollor, the Lord of Light, is starting to make waves and rock the foundation of Lord Varys’s faith and power. One by one they will fall and we will be left to triage our favorite characters. Sad to admit that this story was dead on arrival (DOA).

As I wait for The Winds of Winter and the official clean-up of the plot lines, I wonder how George will manage to enrage us all, killing off main cast members and reviving others because it is convenient and effective. Now that we are familiar with the Wights and White Walkers there should be factions of fans forming to root them on as they pillage and plunder the lands beyond the Wall. Part of me wants the horn to make an appearance and take down The Wall just to level the playing field. If all my peeps are bound to die, I hope they do so while fighting on top of their badass dragon rides. One can surely hopes the tears and ire incurred while viewing will pay off and we will all get our own version of a happy ending.

Winter is coming no longer, winter is already here…

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