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Project Zach: How it all Started

Taken from Project Zach Facebook page. I can’t believe he has spent 6 months with us already!

“Project Zach…….simply put….. an effort to save a very deserving……very resilient……very loving boy……all in just 5 weeks time.

I have started to write up Zach’s story several times now through out the day. Each time I found myself unable to condense his story enough for a facebook post. So in my fourth try to tell it all…..I decided to just write from my heart. So here it is.

Zach was born with many strikes against him. He is black….he is a pit bull mix……and he was in a very rural area in California where Pit Bulls over flow all the shelters. Jump ahead to now……Zach is 1 1/2 years old . In his 18 months of life…….he was abandoned and ended up in a rural shelter……he spent 2 months there locked away in the medical ward where he literally had no interactions at all……he then was transported up to Seattle…….he spent 2 months with a foster family……he was adopted and returned…….he spent another 8 months in foster……that foster family moved across country…….so he moved to a new foster family until now! WOW…….that is a lot to ask of any dog to endure.

Zach’s start in life was not good. He spent his young puppyhood completely isolated from life….from interactions with people and other animals. Because of this horrible start Zach is a very fearful boy……and rightly so! Missing out on that critical socialization period for pups is so damaging for dogs. Fear….fear…..fear. We have worked hard with Zach now for months and months…..and we are so proud with how far he has come!!!!! My heart so goes out to Zach……I feel like I know him well. I see it in his eyes……just how he so wants to trust. I see it in his eyes when something worries him……how he just needs gentle reassurance. I see it in his eyes……how he has yet to feel like he has a person who he can bond with…..who will adore him……and who will never send him away. That is what Zach so desperately is hanging on for. HIS PERSON.

Zach’s current foster family is leaving mid December for travels. Simply put…..Zach is now facing yet again….nowhere to go……nowhere to lay his head. We have until Dec 13th……just 39 days…….to once and for all find Zach his forever home. My heart just so goes out for this guy…….I have witnessed his journey and just how far he has come. He has worked hard with all his trainings. He has worked so hard with all the adjustments. Yes……he has more room for improvement……but who doesn’t?????? I know in my heart…..with the right person…..Zach will blossom. He is meant to be here. There is a reason Zach has endured what he has and is still able to learn to love and trust.

Here is what Zach needs to thrive! A quiet home which allows for a routine to be in place. City life is not for Zach… neighborhood/street with little activity would be awesome. No other animals in the home as he can be very worried about those interactions. Definitely a secure fenced yard. He LOVES to play fetch…… that is what he lives for actually……so a fenced in yard where he can romp and chase balls! You have a ball? Zach is your friend:):):) We are looking to place him locally in the Seattle area. Zach would benefit from several meet and greets before making the transition to a new home again. And that’s it!!!!!!!

I want to thank all of you who are willing to help Zach. By sharing each post as we move forward…..and commenting on the posts…….that will be huge. The more engagement we can get for him……the more FB will circulate. Stupid but how FB works. Thank you for helping this special boy…….he really is that special……he really is that worth it……..and he really will be the absolute best friend for someone. Now lets find that someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To think that the efforts paid off.  Allicia asked for one person and he got sent two! He has our hearts and our minds 100% behind him. I am glad we found Z and he is home, a place where he is thriving. Can’t wait to fill in the adoption papers. Woop woop!

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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