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Rogue One: A Prequel For The Hardcore Fans

Disney, being all powerful and omniscient, realized that The Force Awakens wasn’t going to please everyone so they decided on a gambit that will ensure most of the dejected fans will join the fold. Enter Rogue One. Based on stories that climax during the Rebel Alliance’s days, the narrative explains how Rogue Squadron came to be and the mission that made them famous: stealing the plans of the Death Star.

Yes folks, this movie will be a prequel and will feature characters from comics such as Shattered Empire but not from Rebels. 😦 It takes place pre A New Hope, so don’t expect Luke, Leia, Han or their progeny to make any appearances. If you read my blog post The New (Star Wars) Expanded Universe you will get a glimpse as to where they are heading and how the masterminds behind the new Star Wars are shaping the new expanded universe to suit their needs. No more parallelisms and no Jedi. This is all new material to feast upon.

It should not come as a surprise if you spot Poe Dameron’s parents in this movie. If not in this installement, maybe in the next two. (I read this new serial of the franchise is meant to be a trilogy.) At the very least, we can expect to learn more about Wedge Antilles and the team that made Rogue Squadron a fan favorite. IMDB hasn’t posted the characters’ names yet and I am sure Lucasfilm is attempting to build the suspense to levels of epic proportions.

The cool part is that I am really excited to see another strong female lead take the helm of a powerful component of the franchise: Jyn Erso. Played by Felicity Jones, she is portrayed as a rebel pilot leader who happens to kicks ass without the need of the force. About time! I hope she becomes everything the fans wanted Leia to be in Episode VII, and then some. This is sure to be one tough broad, that like Rey, doesn’t need to be rescued. 🙂

Watch the preview and let me know what you think. The movie has a Dec 2016 rlease date. IMAX or bust! Hehe. :DMay the Force be with you!

Yes, that was Diego Luna of Y Tu Mamá Tambien fame. Diversity and inclusion seems to be the motto for Lucasfilm/Disney. Yay!

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