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The Layoff: Month 9

A lot of people have been wondering why I have been out for this long, based on my qualifications and stellar resume, and the reason is very simple: I started applying for jobs outside my ex-employer in September. Why? Back in April I almost had an offer but it fell through due to a hiring freeze. Since we already had family plans for vacations and time off, I had decided to take a break from the hunt. Coincidentally, it wasn’t until September that jobs similar to my skill began to post in numerous companies around the area, from which I have already scored two interviews: one with a medical device company and another at my old employer.

Unfortunately, the medical device firm needed someone with a bit more experience. The staff that interviewed me was phenomenal and did everything they could to get me through the door. However, judging by the required technical skill set, I was the long shot, a role I have been known to play a few times. Honestly, it didn’t surprise me when I wasn’t selected. (The recruiter for this job is still tracking down other positions that may better match my past experiences.) On a positive note, I was able to see first hand how other companies do business and how different my job as an engineer could be if I signed with them. The grass could have been greener…

As of Nov 29, 2015, I am down to what can possibly be the last opportunity of the year; a job at my ex-eployer. If this position hasn’t been filled by someone more qualified (seems there are many of the 20+ years of exp looking for new roles), I could be coming back to my first love: aerospace. At the very least it has been gratifying to know the resume works, to an extent, and I am already drafting a few changes to tweak the odds ever in my favor. So far the ratio stands at 3:160, or 3 interviews out of 160 applications. Half of those postings have been closed due to budget cuts. Still, 3:80 is not that bad but it isn’t excellent either.

The end of the year planning made me realize that a meeting with a financial adviser was in order, mostly to get us on a better track to weather the rest of the storm until I get better exposure to recruiters. Like any good game of poker I need to play my cards right to set in motion the wave of good fortune that will yield the desired results. I already tried sending a request to a very special wish granter and here’s what he had to say:




Santa may not be able to employ me this season but I am grateful that my network is hustling behind the scenes to help me secure a fair advantage. Strategies are only as good as the players leading the charge. In the meantime, I will continue the DIY posts and reviews. There are enough PS4 content and released books to keep me busy until the New Year. Wish me the best!

Happy Holidays! Thanks for caring and reading. Hugs!

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Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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