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Adieu, Mon Ami: We will miss you Geoffrey!

I never thought this day would come. Toy’s R Us is closing its doors for good in May 2018. (See CNBC Press Release for more info.) It came as a shock that the company was no longer profitable after so many years of making children all over the world happy. Be it through Santa, The Three […]

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Open Letter To The Men Who Are Fathers

This one goes out to the dads in my feed and beyond. The unsung heroes that don’t babysit their kids but rather rear them. The dudes that taugh their offspring how to surf, BBQ, skateboard, read comic books, play video games, do a mean braid, accept defeat gracefully, discipline, how to code love and respect […]

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New Facebook Page Available for MrsEnginerd!

After doing a bit of research, I decided to open a dedicated Facebook page for the MrsEnginerd content. Hopefully, this will help attract and retain loyal readers and those looking to nerd up their feeds. I’m going to continue posting from wordpress to my social media accounts; feel free to share and spread the word! […]