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Open Letter To The Men Who Are Fathers

This one goes out to the dads in my feed and beyond. The unsung heroes that don’t babysit their kids but rather rear them. The dudes that taugh their offspring how to surf, BBQ, skateboard, read comic books, play video games, do a mean braid, accept defeat gracefully, discipline, how to code love and respect the women in our lives, to name a few. Thank you for being there to kiss boo boos away and for making us, the children in your life, smile whenever we face adversity, even if you caused it because you decided to leave us or didn’t have the guts to rise up to the challenge of raising us. Even though you abandoned us taught us something: How to learn from their mistakes, how to avoid them and, in some cases, how to make amends.

If it wasn’t for the many male role models we all had growing up, us nerds and geeks wouldn’t be the people we are today. You taught us the value education, the honor of sacrificing for the sake of our families and our country, to appreciate science and the arts, and how to be humble and kind. After all the pressure society puts modern men under, mainly the stress of providing and protecting, we feel blessed that the grandfathers, dads and uncles managed to make the time for us. Your conscious effort to enotionally and financially support us helped us realize our goals and aim for the stars. I have yet to meet a father that wasn’t secretly proud of their children, even when the kids made choices that took them as far away from them as possible in doctrine and distance. We appreciate that you let us grow, even if you coddled us and overprotected us, because we wouldn’t have learned to fight our own battles against you otherwise. In time we will understand your methods and your madness. Most of us will be glad if we become half the man you were  (and in some cases better).

Thanks dads for the BBQs, the princess tea parties, the walks down the aisle and the first dances; for teaching us how to change a tire, check the oil or make the appointment at the mechanic. (Not all dads are handy.) If it wasn’t for the many movie nights, words of encouragement, time outs, firm hand, LEGOs sets, Christmas presents (or lack there of) and midnight philosophy and ice cream runs, we wouldn’t be the people we are today. For better or worse you have stuck by us or watched us from afar. We feel the love regadless of how you chose to express it (or how not to).

To the ones that left our moms and never looked back, thanks. It wasn’t easy to see our mothers struggle but it made us humble and grateful to have discovered that we could fare well without a man. To the many that left too soon, not by choice but because you were called to be our angels, we will remember all the good times,  the hugs and bedtime stories. We promise to keep your love and legacy alive through our good deeds and achievements. Even though these two set of dads may never see us graduate or become successful and productive member of society, we recognize that we are here because of you. The opportunity to be here on this planet during these trying times was worth the pain of your departure.

Those who are already dads, please keep doing the hard work that comes with the role. Do everything you can to ensure your children will become heroes to their children. If you ever need help, single dad or married, know that the rest of us will be here to assist you on your quest every step of the way. Staying at home or working dad, to us it makes no difference; you are a human being, an individual, and we appreciate both who you are and what you do for us everyday. Take a break today, let us man the grill once in a while. We can manage any trial in life because you have taught us well.

We love you dads! Cheers!

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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