Adulting Mrs Enginerd

Storming The Castle (Short Story)

Muffled whimpers echoed in the distance. The long hallway ended up in a moss covered door, deep into the dungeons of the soul. Breaching the locks with all my might, I discovered it’s owner, small and weak, starved of sustenance and light, tucked away in a corner. The spark from its eyes was long gone, […]

Mrs Enginerd Poetry

Don’t (Poem)

Don’t worry, work through it. Don’t fret, figure it out. Don’t cry, clap back harder. Don’t conform, challenge the status quo. Don’t stir the proverbial manure, fertilize ideas with it! Don’t sit there, weak and weary, become a warrior. Channel your energy; thrive. Soar. Make the impossible, possible. Don’t delegate to others the glory that […]

Layoff Mrs Enginerd

“At least you get a paycheck, right?”

It’s hard to argue with your friends and colleagues about not wanting to return to work when all we are taught since we are five years old is to go to school and get a job. As much as I’d love to say that yes, at least I get a paycheck, then irony is that […]