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Up and Vanished: Season 2

It’s baaaack!

After the incredible breakthroughs in Payne Lindsey’s inveatigation, and a tip that came in just as the podcast was airing, the GBI was able to make arrests and convictions on the Tara Grinstead case. Overjoyed listeners from all over the world waiting anxiously for the popular show to return, and sure enough the production crew came back with another incredibly heartbreaking story. Kristal Anne Reisinger went missing after attending a drum circle in the outskirts of Crestone, Colorado, a community of a thousand people of all creeds and spiritual journeys.

Shrouded in mystery, her disappearance in mid July 2016 has dumbfounded investigators, friends and family. No one seems to know what happened to this kind and gentle soul, whose daughter Akasha seems to believe is in the spirit world. Chris Halsne, a Fox reporter from the area, has been relentlessly hunting down clues to solve this case despite having very few leads and even less success tracking down the last steps Kristal traveled the day she up and vanished.

Only two episodes in, and with more to follow every Monday night, it is clear that this case will be another epic journey into the human experience. The Native American lore of the surrounding the area have made this small town a world renowned mecca for those on a path of spiritual discovery. Many sects and cults have settled in the region thanks to grants from visionary patrons that wanted to turn the site into a metaphysical haven. Sadly, with the free spirits and fanatics came a prevalent culture of drugs that ended up attracting socially marginalized elements, or bad eggs, whom are not necessarily welcomed by those currently residing in the area.

As much as I’d like to believe our missing protagonist may be off in a commune somewhere, the gut wrenching details of her last days paint a ghastlier picture. Where is the blonde wild child? Did she become a victim of foul play? Will this case be solved? Find out by tuning in each week as the team presents more information and connects the possible dots. Join the discussion and help Kristal’s family get the answers they desperately need to leave this nightmare behind.

Stream from their site or use the following apps: iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Let’s bring Kristal home!

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