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Unprocrastination Weekend

Summer 2018.

It all started with a need to clear out space in the garage for a DIY and it all spiralled from there. By the time we looked up, we were halfway through the never-ending to do list. W grabbed some of the low hanging fruit, like culling items from our Smart Fridge grocery list that had outlived their usefulness. While he did that, I walked around the house putting items back into place. Once everything was relocated, W started cleaning the reusable furnace filter which lead to a quick Lowe’s run to get a back up and new grill filters as well. With the new one installed in its place, the old filter dried as I folded the laundry that had been thrown on top of the guest bed for a couple of weeks. I also changed the hangers to the cling type that saves space which I had bought a week prior.

One by one the dominos felp and at some point around 3 pm on Saturday we took a break, ate, bought Deadpool 2 and the collection of all the classic Batman movies and kept going down the list. (We did watch Batman Forever later that night. 🍿📺) I recall fighting with the utility sink p pipe to add an extender and stop the leaks. This one had been on the list for 1.5 years and we still hadn’t gotten close to getting it done.✔✔✔

No more leaks! @MrsEnginerd on Instagram

Checking off each of these simple tasks inspired us to spot and complete open issues. We troubleshooted our ADT camera which led us to a breaker that had been tripped 4 days earlier. We even looked up certain concepts and fixes that had eluded us for months and were now clear as day. Our level of confidence grew because we worked as a team without needing to be nagged or queued into action. W filled the kitchen soap dispense; I organized the linen’s closet. Working in tandem or parallel when required proved a lot of points. I wish it was smooth sailing every day and that we had the fortitude to stop leaving for later the things we can do today. 🛠

By the time Sunday night rolled around we had a clean washer and dryer, half of Zach’s beds were clean, my office was decluttered, one of the ECCC fan arts was finally hung up on a wall, items identified for the Goodwill run and all the plastic bags in the house were dropped off to be recycled. My phone pictures were backed up, and the back to MBA school bags ready to go for the pending retreat in mid September. Zach’s sitter swung by and got the keys for his upcoming stint with the furkid, which led to a purging of all his unwanted snacks and toys. Our intentions weren’t to be this diligent with the end of summer cleaning but it happened organically. It felt good to get so much done in so little time.

Be it paying the bills, recycling old electronics or cleaning out unwanted things, there are always things that can be unprocrastinated. What are yours?

Ideas are welcomed!

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Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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