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Marriage: Year Two

This year, 2018, marks the 10th anniversary of my wedding to W. As part of the celebration, I will be documenting our relationship from the proposal up to the wedding, and each year up to our 10th anniversary.

Our second year started waiting for the green light to start trying to conceive again. If nothing happened in a year’s time, we would be referred to a specialist. People from all walks of life offered prayers, solicited and unsolicited advice, and judgment, which in many cases did more harm than good. W and I needed peace and quiet, time alone and no outside pressures. Our moms were told to start getting used to the idea of never becoming grandmothers. There were absolutely no guarantees that this process would result in producing an heir. Zilch. Zero. None.

As the months passed we focused on our careers and our travel schedules. W’s parents hadn’t been able to use their timeshare points and gracefully offered them to us. Sint Maarten had a location overlooking the Princess Juliana airport, on of the most interesting ones on this planet, and we thought it would be cool to be able to watch airplanes takeoff and land from the comfort of the infinity pool and room balcony. We had both been on the half Dutch, half French island before and knew it was going to be very hard to have a bad time there. Memorial Day weekend couldn’t come fast enough!

On the surface, 2010 was relatively smooth sailing. We did a few domestic trips to visit friends and family, taste beer, go to a space center or two, and had fun reminiscing about the good old days. Many of the people we saw during those trips had brutal 2011s which is why we treasure those moments even more now. You never assume there is a last time you will see a loved one, especially those that seem to be relatively healthy and extremely happy. Most of those memories were up on our walls years after the events passed. It’s amazing to think that will soon be over a decade ago. Time flies…

St. Maarten was a blast! We ate, slept, drank, watched planes, and checked out the local scene for a lovely five nights and days. W watched the NBA playoffs, or maybe even the Finals, and we celebrated every victory. American Airlines had a connection/layover in Puerto Rico on our way over there and back so we tacked on a few days to see family and friends too. It was one of the few vacations that allowed us to relax and regroup. Coming back we felt like two new hopeful people; like newlyweds. The road to have a child might end in disappointment but we were adamant that if it didn’t happen, we’d stay together. “I married you, not the idea of having children” W stated. That rung so true. He was the reason, the drive and motivation, to make this relationship work until death did us part. Kids or no kids, we were in this life together and that trip proved we could heal. Heck, we could surpass this with flying colors. Could we?

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As a gift, W bought me an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra to match his Constellation. His dad had given him one for his high school graduation and he had convinced himself I should get one too. Considering this was the same island where he got my engagement ring, I wasn’t going to say no to his generosity and attempt at making this place the “Green Lantern” of our little love affair. This place houses the best of us, an oasis full of fun and loving memories, all relevant to our pre and post coupled life. It is one of those locations we shall keep going back to every decade to remind each other of the younger, happier, us. I honestly can’t wait to go there again.

The rest of the year we worked, went back home to Puerto Rico for the holidays and enjoyed the house. Economy be damned! With savings in the bank and the stock options our company gave us because of the Masters waiting to vest, we started to plan for the future. By november I had been promoted to lead engineer and given a team on a new super sensitive project. Luck was turning a corner. I got a Pottery Barn plate set to celebrate the occasion and keep a memento of the best year we had ever shared together. Ask W and he’ll tell you the year was so perfect he barely remembers it.

Little did we know it was the calm before the storm, the eye passing over our little dystopic marriage. Believe it or not 2011 would put every single conviction, promise and vow to the test. The end of an era was upon us. The worst was yet to come.

Stay tuned for Marriage: Year Three.

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Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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