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Deadpool, The Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie

Still a Fave! The sequel is coming up soon. Can’t wait.

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Ask anyone who has gone to see the movie and they will confirm that Mr Pool is your perfect Valentine’s Day hero. He is dressed in red, has a heart of gold, and a charming personality with a killer sense of humor. It doesn’t hurt that the handsome and down to earth Ryan Reynolds was cast oppposite the lovely and drop dead gorgeous Morena Baccarin. What else can you ask for?

The son of Regina, rhymes with fun, Saskatchewan uses all of the 1 hr and 48 mins of run time to explain his origin story. Created by Marvel as a counterpart/satire of DC’s Deathstroke, he is the anti-superhero/unstoppable mercenary with street cred and karate chops. The comic became infamous for the salty language, adult situations, violence and gore but most importantly because Deadpool talks to his audience and lets them in on his escapades. He breaks the ever present…

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