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Goodreads Challenge, 2016, 2017 and beyond!

Seems like it was only yesterday when I started to blog about the books and hobbies I embarked on as my 30s moved along. In 2015, I managed to read 55 books and by 2016 I had adjusted that number to 60, then up to 100. I am honestly not certain that I hit the number for 2016 and can’t seem to find past challenge page to check. For 2017 I went all out and tried for 75 but I barely made it to 50 due to the MBA and bad summer planning. There is no right number when it comes to books to read; a humble goal of one will do just fine.

As I get older, it is harder to find original content in fiction. I find myself looking for real life themes like psychology, economics and women studies, to name a few. Art imitates life all to often and I rather read and experience true emotion and strife, unless it is some sci-fi fantasy craziness that helps me forget reality for a little while. (Can’t wait for the next best-selling adaptation on film or TV to go binge on both visual and reading experiences.)

For 2018, I dialed it back to 60 books. The MBA alone should provide enough engaging material to feed my curiosity. At some point I’ll go back to YA and the stack of books in my queue. I’ll do my best to keep posting reviews and updates in regards to the most interesting finds.

Brace yourselves, Winter [reading] is here!

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