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Fall Landscaping Projects

It has been seven months since we moved to Château Enginerd. Based on the Builder’s To Do List there are still a lot of lose ends to tie up and we haven’t stopped hounding the crew for due dates. The out of the ordinary warm October days have given all of us an opportunity to sneak in some painting, staining and gardening in between the overcast and rainy autumn days. It seems that once we close a project another opens. For a new house, there are a lot of things to do. 😥

We finally got the fence guy to come back and start fixing the uneven top line. The original height of the top of the panels didn’t even average 5′ 7″, which with an uneven yard in a hill makes it harder to keep a privacy line. Yay!

New fence line. Note the front panels are lower than the side ones. Two new posts went in. 🤗

With all the bad juju behind us, we are looking forward to getting the grass installed and being able to level the BBQ area before winter hits.

The extended retaining wall before the deck. 

It’s run us about 5k just to get the yard under control counting extending the retaining wall and adding a step to the back porch of doom. (Already fell from the 12″ porch height and lightly sprained an ankle.) The deck is stained, the new side door is fully operational and has a new kick strip. Woop woop!

Chocolate Walnut exterior paint from Behr. 😍

All we are missing is the Halloween decor. 🤔🎃Guess it’ll have to wait until I come back from Austin, TX and the Society of Women Engineer’s convention. Stay tuned…

Happy Haunting!

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