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Up and Vanished (Podcast)

What Happened to Tara Grinstead? On October 22, 2005, the Ocilla, Georgia ex-beauty queen now turned history teacher went missing. For the last twelve years scores of media and private investigators have been frantically searching for her abductor. Police suspected foul play and the town ran with the story to the point everyone became suspect. The leads ran cold. Stereotypical characters became to emerge in this story: the ex boyfriend, the new lover, the married man whom she was having an affair with, the hoaxters and the wildcards. No one knew up from down, right from wrong. She was gone.

Payne Lindsey, a Millennial documentary film director, decided to revisit her story, with Dr Maurice Godwin as his guide. By pure serendipity, a tip solved the crime in early 2017 and the culprits were found, arrested and charged with her murder. Her family can now lay her to rest. The town is relieved and sad because the case was solved, but perpetrated by two of their own. Tara’s case if officially closed. Wow!

The series runs 24 chapters plus a few extras, Q&As, and evidence exploration vignettes. Over 50 million people have enjoyed listening to this riveting investigation that even features a special guest from the Undisclosed crew. It runs about 30 mins per episode and is easily available via all these sources:



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