MBA Chronicles: Class of 2019 Mrs Enginerd

Starting the MBA Journey, Together

Two years after being laid off, my husband and I decided to pursue an MBA in Technology. Yes, you read that correctly: together. We met on the first day of college, both pursuing engineering undergrad degrees, at an English Honors class that got cancelled. Two years later we formally started to date, right after 9/11 occurred. Life seemed to short to waste it back then, and that attitude got us through a Medical Engineering Masters program, 30+ weddings, 2 layoff notices, one miscarriage and one special puppy we have been fostering to adopt almost two years now.

Sixteen beautiful years together…

When we started the Masters in engineering, I made my husband promise he would be my wingman during the MBA. Not only is it a cool subject matter, since we chose to major in Technology, but it enhances our engineering experience and background. After graduation, we can become leaders in this industry, above and beyond aerospace. This new degree serves as an opportunity to learn and grow simultaneously professionals and partners.

Marriage, contractually speaking, is a business proposition.

When we made the decision to get married, it was to build, manage and expand our own personal empire. Knowing how to make decisions as a team is crucial to success and our respective ruts had eroded our ability to find the right solution for all parties involved, the Win-Win. The program that accepted us was familiar with husband-wife combos and was genuinely interested in showing the rest of the students how this scenario plays out.

Think about the implications of having an already established executive council inside an MBA class that has to grow to include this smaller business unit. Everyone else has to go through this by themselves, something they all have in common, whereas we come with a built in support system that will have to extend to include the rest of the class. A challenge within a challenge. Gotta love it cause our peers were floored and excited to be a part of our endeavor, of the experiment, and are learning vicariously through us. 😎

Our little empire is on a path to expansion, and we are taking 36 more people along for the ride!

Let the journey from M to A begin…

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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