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Ireland Bound

Cellphone rings. Thinking it is the alarm, we ignore it. In less than 3 hours we would be presenting our passports at the Delta check in kiosk, merrily on our way to the Emerald Isle, aka Winterfell. Snoozing for 10 mins should be no big deal, right? As we dream of tours through the Twins and the Iron isles, the frequency of the ring tone increases, stopping and starting again immediately. This is definitely not the alarm. Ugh! My sister is calling my husband. Something is wrong here…

The voice on the line was cool and collected. She was informing us that the flight had been delayed three times since 5am and had rebooked on an earlier flight. The connection was changed to CDG instead of AMS but for some reason the flight leg to Dublin had disappeared from our itinerary. Without missing a beat, I call the Gold Medallion help desk who confirmed we had no flight out of Paris…

Arya, add one more name to the list!

My mom is boarding her flight and we still have no clue if we will make it to our rendezvous in Ireland on time. The hold doesn’t last long and the SkyMiles agent was able to get us a flight out as expected. Now I know how Gendry felt, rowing aimlessly into the great unknown, tired but determined to prevail. As if this drama was not enough, I can hear my husband having a meltdown in the kitchen because the pots and pans ain’t clean and he thought he had more time to get things settled for the dog sitter.

What I would give to be able to ignore the fact that he watched Sausage Party last night in lieu of completing his list of chores. Mother, mercy!

I start cleaning the dirty dishes while he goes pick up my discombobulated sister who is still mad Delta Littlefingered her trip to AMS. This mission will be harder to pull off since the Hilton Garden check in wasn’t possible online. Guess we will have to send a raven and hope a dragon can be dispatched to save us if we get stranded in Paris. This vacation is going down in flames faster than Rhaegal Targaryen’s and Lyanna Stark’s marriage. What I would give for a stiff drink right about now.

After my sister hugged half of her TSA friends at the airport, at the chagrin of surly frequent Pre-Check flyers, we make it to lunch and to the gate. While we board the plane and wait to close the door and taxi, my sister has made a meme out of me. ROFLMAO. Now fully into vacation mode we put the planes in airplane mode and hope for the best.

Winter is here.

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