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Mischief Managed

August literally started off with a bang. At 2:35 am on the 1rst someone backed up a truck to our single car port garage door and bent it in. Ugh! Zach rush down the stairs and woke us up, but we figure the crumpling aluminum must have perturbed our slumber and nudged us out of sleep. It took a good 30 mins for Z to calm down and he hasn’t slept away from us since.

The house, folks, is not even a year old and this happens. Our deductible was higher than the repair cost, shaking my head (smh), so it was funded out of pocket. Whomever did this better have a good excuse. This ordeal has not been cool, especially since the cameras failed to catch the perps. (Line of sight issues.) The bad luck has to turn. We still have no yard and now this happens. Less money to reinvest in the property; more hassle to get things settled into place.

As long as they didn’t target our house and the other two neighboring dwellings just cause we could all afford the repairs, I can be at peace. Adds fuel to the fire, this whole you can afford it rhetoric. Sad. No one’s property should be stolen or vandalized based on that premise. Just because a person has means it doesn’t give you the right to decide how their money is to be spent. And no, not all damages to property are covered by insurance. Leave a note. Do the right thing.

I need a vacation…

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