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Gone (Investigation Discovery)

Gone is a different take on true crime murder and disappearance mysteries: by the end of the show we are left with a closed case. These one hour documentaries aren’t trying to solve a crime but rather show the humanity of the victims and their loved ones, who faced the cruel reality of waiting years, even decades, to know what happened to those taken too soon.

What is refreshing about this brand new show is that not all cases have a suspect; some missing folks turned out to have disappeared due to freak accidents. In its storytelling, the show attempts to communicate the sorrow and helplessness of waiting for a loved one to return while knowing that there is a chance that they have been long gone. Even though the relief is palpable when they recount the ending of each missing person’s case, they make sure you understand why their pain is relevant.

For those who are not well versed in these types of cases, the episodes refer to the laws of the time to explain why officers handled the missing case report information in a particular manner. Failures to rescue victims in time resulted in new procedures that enhanced how we all react to abductions. Amber Alerts, security cameras and other tools have been deployed to speed up the process of finding those who have disappeared into thin air. Every report, for an adult or a child, is taken seriously.

Watch Gone on Mondays at 9/8 pm, or at 6pm in PST on ID, Investigation Discovery.

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