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Cold Justice (OXYGEN)

Kelly Siegler is a retired Texas prosecutor who dedicates her time to help solve cold cases. For three straight seasons, she has helped evaluate over 50 cases, with more coming in season 4. In what Wikipedia and IMDB tout as a mix of CSI and Cold Case, the investigations are furthered to a point where new and old suspects can be presented as prime candidates for Grand Jury indictments. They leave the families and communities sighing a sense of relief whenever they find out who is the murderer amongst them.

It was refreshing to see a woman investigator at the helm with the credentials to conduct the best possible analysis of the facts. Helping local law enforcement isn’t easy, but her know how and success rate as a prosecutor (show opening speech claims 100%) make her indispensable to solving these cases. So far, most episodes have resulted in good leads, and I wish they had the episodes on Xfinity On Demand to assess how the show was presented prior to its move to Oxygen from TNT.

New episodes of Cold Justice air Saturdays at 8pm.

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