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Hawken (PS4)

As a PS+ member, I like to look for value titles to justify paying the yearly subscription and Hawken didn’t disappoint. Set in some soet of post apocalyptic or future world where everyone can pilot a robot (or so I think, it wasn’t clear to me), you get combat peers and AI to earn points and credits to purchase and upgrade your mechs. Touted as an easy trophy game, with about 8 to 10 hours worth of effort, it is an entertaining mech shooting game playable online. (In less than 4hrs playtime you can be at a 70% completion rate.)

The short time span to get the trophies won’t rob you of replay value as the mindless exchange of gunfire and explosive weaponry is highly entertaining with really cool mechanics. The robots are really easy to maneuver.

You start with the CR-T, a trainer robot, and are tossed into the firefight without any training. (See PSN Trophies – Hawken for tips and information.) Once you survive the first couple of rounds, the AI lets you go back to the main screen to customize your robot and train it. You can unlock many mech types with the in game currency you win or by purchasing currency. PS+ members have access to a package that includes the Nief, a small and fast attack bot that is a crowd favorite due to its firepower and bargain status. Experienced players recommend that you work your way towards the Reaper and Marauder classes to be able to obtain all the achievements with the minimum time and cost. Time is money after all…


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