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Life is Strange (PS4)

Max Caulfield is just another student attending the prestigious Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon when she finds out she possesses a gift that will let her rewind time. Partnered with her BFF from childhood, the blue haired and spunky Chloe, they set out to solve the disappearance of fellow classmate Rachel Amber. In doing so, their investigation leads them down a time travel spiral that wreaks havoc on the space-time continuum that threatens the safety of this quaint seaside town.

Square Enix hit it out of the ballpark with this game that is part Heavy Rain, part Remember Me and part Until Dawn. To get all the trophies in one pass, I used the guide on Playstation Trophies (FYI one trophy description is missing). The well earned Platinum trophy is not easy to get without it, and without searching and looking at every clue lying around the environment. Because I am an avid reader I only missed a few items and info but it wasn’t as vital to the story as the rest of the stuff I had gathered. Considering it was a free download/included with the PS+ subscription for June, it was worth the investment. A nice surprise in this shooter RPG MMO mess of a society we live in.

After a very draining but ironically energizing 8 hours of gameplay I had helped Max and Chloe thwart the effects of the time loop events they were caught solving. Chaos Theory comes up a lot so a refresher of quantum physics is part of the ride. It may not be many player’s cup of tea but the protagonists (both female) and the easy game play/controls are totally worth a gander. My husband would sneak peaks from the other room while I played and even did his own investigation since the intrigue of the crimes being solved and uncovered piqued his interest. Felt like we were binging on a Netflix Original True Crime drama.

A three episode stand alone prequel called Life is Strange: Before the Storm hits shelves August 31rst. It will feature Chloe and Rachel’s friendship and will skip the time travel abilities. It is already getting mixed feeling previews from the gamer community but if I have learned anything is that you have to play it before you can condemn it. Stay tuned.


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