Happy 2nd Anniversary MrsEnginerd!

It is hard to think I started this blog two years ago after having been laid off. At first, I saw the opportunity to write as cathartic since I was saying goodbye to a ten year career, a total bummer, and needed to make amends with my newfound free time. After a few months, MrsEnginerd became a hobby that has helped me share my knowledge and experiences in a format that automatically archives itself for future historians to find. Although not perfect nor extremely popular, readers find value in the information I present and the emotions I convey.

At the moment I write this in 2017, I have a new career path, a new customized home, a bunch of DIY projects under my belt and hundreds of books, comics, Yelp reviews and PS4 trophies. My peers value my thoughts and opinions on and offline, and I have been able to refine my personality in writing. I have even coached other bloggers! Hehe. The tone and emotion behind my words has changed and matured. The places I have traveled and the people I have met have been worth the time off and the mindset change. I still have a long way to go though…


My introvertedness hinders me from promoting it at a grander scale but I promised myself, and you, my loyal fans and friends, to eventually do this. I don’t feel quite ready yet but I know I shouldn’t sell myself short. The 500 posts and thousands of hits are proof there is a need for the content and discussions contained in its virtual pages. Hopefully I find that groove or niche that makes the decision to go bigger much more easier to pursue. 😎

In the mean time, please enjoy the posts, pictures, videos, Facebook and Pinterest posts. You are the reason I’ll keep brandishing the mighty pen. Keep reading!

Thanks! ¡Gracias! Merci!

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