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Château Enginerd, Month 2

It has been two months since we moved to our new home and the upgrades and updates are almost completed on the inside. Check out the Master Closet Under $500 DIY, the Industrial TP holders, the pantry update and the light switch replacement for more info. We are still waiting on the inspection for the exterior door addition but since the door is functional we don’t mind it as much. We also switched out a cabinet for open shelving, added the master closet set up and put up shelves in the office. Phew! No more moving boxes left either. Yay! Almost there!

The term turn key is one of those elusive subjects for us because there is always something worth personalizing like the paint scheme or the light fixtures. We had a few things to add before moving in but we had to get in quickly. The construction dust became our friend and mortal enemy. Now that we have had the first deep cleaning, the flooring and trims are performing to the expectations, even with the dog nail scratches. Refinish the hard woods is a bit overboard so we are looking at products that help reduce their appearance. Stay tuned!

The fence still needs to be raised and updated, along with the builder do list. I’m not happy this process has taken forever but the building season is on full swing so we are lower in the priority totem pole. Trying to help ourselves, we have done some of this owed stuff on our own. Annoying because we paid for the house to be finished and the traditional trope or got paid and ran away is materializing. Not sure how much more time we can wait until legal action makes more sense than being nice. Honey attracts more ants but darn, where did my ants go?

I do feel like a million bucks whenever I fix a construction boo-boo but I rather have it taken care of by the pros…

Stay tuned!

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