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The Geektastic Art of Comic Cons

Many people don’t realize that a Comic Convention or Comic Con is one of the best places to buy, sell or display fan art based on popular movie, TV, novel, anime and comic books. Exhibitors from all over the country, and I even dare sat the world, showcase their best posters, clothing, original watercolors/oils, hand crafted or 3D printed goods, ranging from cosplay items to decorative pieces. Sci-fi and fantasy genres make exquisite features that are dignified and classy, yet fanciful and unique enough to be displayed in the average home. Gone are the days when hanging a Wonder Woman painting or poster on your walls was considered tacky and juvenile. Some of the works are worthy to be displayed on the Louvre. Who knows, someday it may very well become a reality!

The true beauty of these offerings is that many are signed by the author either previously or on site. You get an opportunity to talk to them and witness first hand the passion and excitement in their expressions when explaining the motivation behind their creations. Jewelry, trinkets, costume separates and prints all made to evoke an emotional response to the visual stimuli. One cannot look upon them without remembering a favorite character or line. That is what makes the hallways transform into a magical journey because you get to relive dear childhood and teenage year memories. You can see the childhood joy and sparkle in the eyes of even those who are old and gray.

Minie by Nidhi Chanami,

In case you were wondering, many booths have offerings that range from signed works, printed and mounted, to housewares, plush toys and memorabilia. Customizable items can be purchased and ordered on site and delivered later to your door. Most places have business cards with web page and contact info that you can take for future reference or to order online. Don’t fret if you don’t have the cash now as long as you make the mental note to support the artists later.

Crayon MonstersCrayon Monsters

Show that you care and help small and medium size businesses grow and prosper by attending your local cons and allowing yourself to explore the inspiration and whimsy of this faction of popular culture. I can almost guarantee you will find something to take home and enjoy for many more years to come. Keep an open mind and interact with the players. You never know what lies around the corner.

Check out the following sites for more geektastic art:


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